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Guest Speaker

Portia has been in ministry for 10 years and leads alongside her husband, Clinton, at River Valley Church in Minnesota under their Lead Pastors, Rob and Becca Ketterling. Portia and Clinton have three amazing sons (ages 8, 7, and 3). She is most definitely a #boymom! As a speaker, Portia has had the opportunity to not only speak in Minnesota but also across the nation and internationally. Wherever she goes, she shares her passion to uplift and empower women. When you meet Portia, she will immediately tell you, “You’re my friend and I love you!” In her spirit of child-likeness, she truly wants to be YOUR friend. Portia’s goal as your friend is to cheer you on into what God has created you to be and remind you of the truth so often forgotten…God is absolutely FOR YOU because He LOVES YOU!